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Filling Hearts Full of Hope

activities01:SAKURA PROJECTS

A project to plant as many cherry blossom (sakura) trees as possible in Minamisanriku town where a lots of trees were swept away by the tsunami. The five-year young trees will be planted by the children who suffered from the disaster. Through this activity, we are bringing hope to the children and their future.
As cherry blossom trees need twenty years to become fully grown, the children will grow up with these trees and share many moments together. LOOM NIPPON wishes that, one day, they will pass on their memories with the cherry blossom trees to their own kids.
At the same time, planting cherry blossom trees is to commemorate the victims that passed away due to the earthquake and tsunami in 2011. The spirit of these cherry blossom trees will inherit their souls and allow them to watch the town as it is restored. Cherry blossom trees will be planted once a year around March. Our goal is to plant 3,000 cherry blossom trees over time and to make this area the most magnificent cherry blossom tree spot in Northeastern Japan. This project will continue as Minamisanriku town is reborn.

First event planting cherry blossom trees had finished at March 17 2012. You can see some photos on LOOM's facebook page

(c) LOOM NIPPON. photo by AFLO, Creative Director/ Yoshi Takeuchi , Design & Production/ QUALLIA inc.
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